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Emergency Preparing and Neighborhood Watch

The City of Laguna Niguel’s Police Auxiliary Citizens’ Team (PACT) is a volunteer program for mature adults between the ages of 21 and 80 years of age who reside in the Laguna Niguel area. PACT members have volunteered more than 46,000 hours of service to their communities. The volunteers are assigned operational and administrative duties normally performed by uniformed officers. This support gives deputies more time to concentrate on more law-enforcement related functions.

PACT offers the following services to the community:
  • Vacation Home Checks
  • Elderly Support Program (ESP)
  • Operation I.D.
  • Parking Control
  • Radar Trailer Placement
  • Residential/Business Security Inspections
  • Graffiti Removal Program
  • Special Events

For more information, click the link above.  To request any of these services please call the PACT team at (949) 362-4346.

Remember to report all criminal and suspicious activity to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department toll free at (949) 770-6011.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is the most effective means available for keeping crime out of our neighborhoods. It relies on the best crime-fighting tool ever invented – a good neighbor. Fortunately, good neighbors are found everywhere. They live in houses, apartment buildings, urban, suburban, and rural areas. You may hear it called Neighborhood Watch, Home Alert, Citizens Crime Watch or Block Watch. The names differ, but the idea is the same.

When neighbors work together with law enforcement, one of the best crime fighting teams around is created. Be a good neighbor and make your community safer from criminals by starting a Neighborhood Watch program. Remember, people acting on their own will not win the battle against crime.


Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.

What does it involve?

* Neighbors getting to know each other, taking the time to care about each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance.

* Citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.

* Crime prevention strategies such as home security, Operation Identification and others being implemented by citizens.


There can’t be a law enforcement officer on every street corner, so citizen involvement is essential to combat crime. You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your neighborhood. By cooperating with each other and the police, people can help fight crime in their community in the most effective way – before it starts.

Neighborhood Watch members place stickers in their windows and post Neighborhood Watch signs on streets, warning criminals that they are in a active Neighborhood Watch Community, and that neighbors are looking out for each other.

Neighborhood Watch is only the beginning. It can be the basis for an ongoing dialogue and cooperative relationship with law enforcement and the City of Laguna Niguel.


* Become a member of a Neighborhood Watch: If you are interested in joining Neighborhood Watch, please contact Jill Davidson at the O.C. Sheriff’s Dept. They would like to have at least one representative from each Beacon Hill Street in the program.

* Follow the steps listed in the “Home Security Checklist” above.

Please Note

The Beacon Hill Neighborhood Watch Committee: The Board appreciates the recent contributions and efforts of this committee. It supports and wants to continue to see the committee’s goals realized along with the resulting benefits to Beacon Hill homeowners — alert and knowledgeable residents who work together with local law enforcement to report and reduce crime in the Beacon Hill Community.