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About Your Board and Board Meetings

The Beacon Hill Master Planned Community HomeOwners’ Association (HOA) is dedicated to serving our community by providing valuable services. We are elected by you, our homeowners, each year. On years ending in odd numbers, three of the five Board Member positions are up for election; on years ending in even numbers, two of our five Board Member positions are up for election. The annual elections occur during April of each year. If a quorum (>50%) of our members or homeowners fails to vote, a second election occurs within 30 days with a smaller percentage of homeowners (25%) required to vote to make the election official. Each May or June, the new officers of the Board and the Chairpersons of each committee are appointed and approved by a majority of the Board Members.

Master Planned Board of Directors for 2024-2025:

Allan Gustin

Traci Hohwart

Patrick Taylor

Tony Salay

Mike Erickson

What are Board Members for? Why do they impose all these rules?

Often, board members are accused of being heartless dictators on a power trip (or worse). You may be surprised to know that Board Members also are Beacon Hill homeowners, just like you; they all live in our association; they receive no compensation for their time and effort. Contrary to what you may believe, Board Members are under legal obligation to enforce the association’s CC&Rs. Not only are they volunteering their time and family time, but they also are in charge of the entire community’s maintenance and community life. While some may think he/she is up to no real good, chances are he/she is quietly helping you by increasing the property value of the entire neighborhood.

The Purpose of a Board Meeting

In addition to establishing Homeowner Association policies, the Board is also responsible for adoption of the annual budget and approval of all expenditures, hiring and release of all vendors, discussion and approval of decisions, requests, actions, and decisions on plans and contracts.

How do I give my input to the Board?

You are invited to fill out a speaker form on the table near the door and give it to the Property Manager, Pam Bell, at the beginning of the meeting.


Items not Relative to the Agenda: If you wish to make a statement to the Board that is not related to any agenda item, then the appropriate time is during the section of the meeting titled, “Homeowners’ Forum”. The time limit to address an item is typically three (3) minutes. To do this, please complete a speaker form and deliver it to the Property Manager at the beginning of the meeting. Please note: Due to legal constraints, the Board cannot and will not take action, nor deliberate or discuss any item not on the agenda. Topics brought to the Board’s attention may be investigated and a report made to the Board at a later date.

Addressing the Board: To establish open and positive communication, it is helpful for the Board to know to whom they are speaking and from what perspective – be it a homeowner, a vendor, a property manager of a sub-association. For this reason, when you address the Board, you will be asked to give your name and address.

Make a difference. Get involved today!

Participation provides great opportunities to have a say and enjoy the benefits of being heard!