News and Events and Reminders
 Master Board Annual Election!!

Your Board of Directors for 2019 is working together inspired by the show of interest and energy at the Annual Meeting of the Membership.   We have wonderful volunteers committed to making the association a reflection of our community's charm and responsive to the wishes of the members. 
2019-20 Board of Directors 
President, Julie Larsen
Vice President, Mike Padilla
Secretary, Traci Hohwart
Treasurer, Gary Hansen
Member at Large, Richard Kenworthy

  Assessment Payments

Make your assessment payments to Beacon Hill Planned Community Association and mail it to P.O. Box 15484, Santa Ana, CA, 92735-0484.   DO NOT MAKE assessment payment to Dana Pacific Management Services!  The check must be made out to the Association  -  (Beacon Hill Planned Community Association) ….. and mailed to the P.O. Box in Santa Ana.

  Next Board Meeting

Meetings are held of the first Wednesday of each month, except for December,  at 6:00 p.m. at Aegis of Laguna Niguel.  The agenda is posted 4 days prior to the meeting at the Ridgeway pool and may also be posted on this website's "Board Meeting Agenda" page.  Check the Ridgeway pool bulletin board for canceled and/or rescheduled meetings due to holidays.


Only those who have sent all of the required documents (including proof of adequate insurance) to our management company and who have received the approval of the Board of Directors may provide instruction to our residents.

NEW KEYS:  The only way to get a new key from now on (as of 11/4/10) is to make arrangements to have our property manager, Pam,  bring the key to the Board meeting and/or request that she mail the key to you by certified mail. See contact information below:


Call  her at Dana Pacific Management Services 949-248-4300 or e-mail her at to make arrangements.

Instant E-Mail Access ON HOLD

Homeowners also are encouraged to join our Instant E-Mail Program where they will have immediate access to important community news, information, changes, and emergencies.  Please go to our "Forms" page to complete the Opt-In Form found there.

Annual Community Garage Sale Cancelled 

Each year the community seems to have a lower turnout from the Public, as well as less participation from the Homeowners for the annual Garage Sale.  Therefore, the Master Association will no longer be sponsoring this annual event with signage and a posting in local publication.  As Homeowners you are certainly entitled to hold your own Garage Sale and post signage, but please remove any signage at the end of the day